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We provide legal services to individuals who want to obtain Italian citizenship by descent, naturalization by residency or by marriage/civil union. Contact us for an initial assessment to check your eligibility.

Italian Citizenship

Italy grants Italian citizenship and, therefore, an Italian passport in several cases:

  1. by birth on Italian territory (ius soli);  
  2. by descent (ius sanguinis) if you have Italian ancestors (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc
  3. by marriage or civil union with an Italian citizen;
  4. by residency (or citizenship by naturalization) if you have been a legal resident for a certain number of years;
  5. by investment (i.e., Golden Visa), if you have invested in strategic assets for Italy’s economy, have a nulla osta from the Ministry of Economic Development, and have lived in Italy for at least ten years; 
  6. by reacquisition if you were Italian for a certain period of your life. 

We aim to help you realize your dream of becoming an Italian citizen. Not only can you fulfill this dream, but Italian citizenship comes with many benefits:

  1. You can live in Italy without restrictions, just as any other Italian citizen;
  2. As an Italian citizen, you automatically obtain also European Union citizenship. This means that you can choose to live, study and work legally anywhere else in the European Union (EU);
  3. You can enjoy all the associated benefits, such as high-quality health care, low-cost education, and much more;
  4. The Italian passport is the strongest in Europe and ranks second globally. Holders of an Italian passport enjoy visa-free access to 193 countries (see VisaGuide Passport Index, May 2024);
  5. Italy allows dual citizenship, so you can simultaneously hold two (or even more) passports. 

How can we help?

Our comprehensive services handle all the ‘red tape’ and numerous steps that are involved in acquiring Italian citizenship.

Our service includes:

Extra Services:

In short, we offer a comprehensive A-Z service. If you do not require our full-service package, we can offer tailored options to meet your needs and specific circumstances.

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