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Cross-border litigation

If you are facing the challenges of cross-border litigation, James & Co. can help. As international business and relationships become more common both online and involving many jurisdictions, cross-border disputes can easily arise. Litigation should always be the last resort, even when the parties reside in different jurisdictions. We will work with you to fully understand your dispute, your difficulties and your circumstances, in order to build a strategy that can secure the outcome you are looking for.  

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Family Law

In a growing global economy,  family law disputes which involve more than one jurisdiction are becoming more frequent. Our firm advises on international family cases in Italy and safeguards the interests of families and children with connections in different countries around the world.  

Property Law

Are you a foreigner interested in purchasing your dream home in Italy? Whether you are looking to buy property or make a claim of ownership for property in Italy, James & Co. can assist you. Our office in Desenzano del Garda has assisted many foreign clients in real estate transactions on Lake Garda, renowned for its landscape and spectacular views. With our assistance, Clients can complete any real estate transaction smoothly, without even having to be present in Italy.
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Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Other Practice Areas


Commercial litigation

Contract issues and disputes are sometimes unavoidable in business. Managing commercial contract disputes quickly and effectively can save costs and prevent damage to businesses and their reputations. Contact Us to see if we can help!

Estates and Wills

Our firm handles cross-border estate matters regarding estate planning, drafting of wills regarding Italian assets as well as Italian inheritance cases (even remotely). Contact Us today!

Personal Injury

Having an accident in Italy can be a very traumatic experience. Apart from the injuries suffered, dealing with public authorities speaking another language can make things even more difficult. James & Co. can help you obtain the damages that you are entitled to while you concentrate on making a full recovery. Contact Us today!

Immigration Law

If you are planning to move to Italy, for work or pleasure, James & Co. can assist you with the necessary paperwork (Visa, Elective Residency, Italian citizenship, Permit to stay etc.). Contact Us to review your case and to discuss all available options!